Eurotarget Business Scouts
Cost effective solutions for your business in Poland and beyond

We are a dynamic and innovative company with brand new business concept that provides professional services in the areas of Market Intelligence, Marketing, Business Development, and Strategic Consultancy within Healthcare, MedTech and Medical Devices industry. We are happy to serve above mentioned sectors as Business Scouts & Representatives throughout Poland and beyond assisting reputable & innovative companies from over the world in achieving their strategic goals.
We are also dealing with Executive Search of top-talented physicians due to a massive shortage of qualified MDs pretty much everywhere.

Market Intelligence

In-depth market research and analysis to help guide market entry strategy and decision making.

Market Entry

Development & execution a market entry strategy that works best for your business and the target market you want to enter.

Business Scouting

Identification and validation of new markets for client’s technologies and products that results in sales growth and brand awareness.

Business Development

Identification of potential customers, creating new contacts, searching for distribution channels and partners.

Introduction to target markets

Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) is a land of opportunity, especially Poland. Poland is the most populous country in Central Europe with a consumer market of over 38 million people. Poland is further bolstered by its membership of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Poland has also been ranked by Bloomberg as the best country for doing business in the Central and Eastern European region.
Polish market offers huge potential, good business climate, cheap infrastructure and lower labour costs but this market is also difficult for overseas companies because of barrier of language and culture as well as general bureaucracy.
That all means that Poland would be an excellent starting point for doing business internationally.

Business concept

Think globally, act locally
Entering a new market is a complicated process and requires a clear understanding of local culture, behaviour, language, and foreign business regulations and practices, we can support you throughout all stages of the market entry process. From the very beginning an access to the right information, guidance and networking are essential for those companies who want to establish a business presence in Poland.
That is the exact reason why we are here to help you. To understand our customers’ needs, challenges, business & innovation goals in order to mitigate the forthcoming risks up to develop the right strategies in order to approach an opportunity, and to commercialize in a successful way.

Summary of benefits

By having Eurotarget Business Scouts represent you in Poland, we become an extension of your organisation. We will assist you succeed in new market by improving your opportunity to grow sales through F2F interactions with your prospects you would have never approached before, expansion through healthcare network, effective indirect marketing, and finally by building solid business relationships with your prospects and helping you minimize your overhead costs.

Our services will benefit you mainly three ways:

  • You will have immediate access to a well-mapped Healthcare sector and extensive networking,
  • You will have a professional team in place that has the experience and the know-how required to keep you better informed, and subsequently get you succeed,
  • It obviously saves a LOT of money and reduces risk.

How can we help you?

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